"Talking Dirty News" - Queen of Green, Barbara Loraine

#1 Food for Bacteria

Shedding Skin Cells

39158984.thbby Barbara Loraine

All day long, we are shedding skin cells.  There’s nothing wrong with skins cells.  In fact, the process of shedding cells and growing new ones is just fine.  But the dead cells provide food for bacteria and accelerate their growth. While there are good bacteria and bad bacteria, the fact is, there are plenty of harmful bacteria lurking in our homes.

Where are the skin cells in your home?  They settle on all the surfaces, most importantly, on carpet and upholstery.  Vacuuming alone can’t get rid of the skin cells, which are oily and tend to stick to porous surfaces.  Bleach kills the bacteria, but can’t be used on fabric and other soft surfaces.  Besides, bleach is more harsh than most people want to live with.  Very hot water gets rid of bacteria, but it can’t  be used on all surfaces and it’s not convenient to use frequently.

Neutralize Bacteria.  Instead of using harsh chemicals, neutralize bacteria with TLC Clean products when you clean.  For every day use, try our Air, Fabric & Surface Freshener, which neutralizes odors and the bacteria that cause them.

Resists Bacteria.  Some of the TLC Clean products provide a “shield” that resists bacteria  and germs.