"Talking Dirty News" - Queen of Green, Barbara Loraine

Eco Car Wash


Susan Johnson. TLC Clean works to keep the beaches and waterways clean. Sure, we need to do things a little differently, but making these new, cleaner habits, is better for the planet – and for our health.

When you wash your car in your driveway with a hose and a bucket of sudsy, regular cleanser – here’s what’s getting sent down the storm drain:

  1. gasoline, diesel and motor oil
  2. phosphorous and nitrogen
  3. ammonia
  4. harsh chemical surfactants
  5. solid wastes

What we might forget is that – what goes down the drain outside of our house goes directly into the local water ways. Depending on where you live, that means, that the yuck ends up – unfiltered – in lakes, streams, and the ocean.

Ask yourself this, would you want to add any of the above ingredients to your bath water? Would you want to go swimming in water that contained them?

Let’s look at each of the pollutants listed above.

  1. Petroleum products are toxic to animals, people, and plants.
  2. Phosphorous and nitrogen are harmful to the environment, and toxic to people.
  3. Ammonia, contained in cleaning products, and a by-product of human messes, you only have to take a whiff to know you don’t want to be swimming in it.
  4. Harsh chemicals often cost less, and often really get the cleaning job done – but when they end up in our water ways, well, you get the idea.
  5. Solid wastes include dirt and debris that we might feel it is easier to hose off into the storm drain instead of getting it up and into the trash where it belongs.

When we stop and THINK about it, we really don’t want the substances listed above – or the negatives associated with them – in our water ways.

TLC Clean Car Washes contribute ZERO pollution or negative environmental impact.  Sure, it’s different to clean your car this way, but sometimes change is good, in this case, very good.

No more wasting water.  
Let’s face it, water is in short supply.  The TLC Clean Car Wash method conserves water.  No matter what product you use, we suggest that you give this a try, and make it a new habit.  After all, isn’t one of the hardest parts of washing your car in the driveway dragging out the hose and then putting it away again?  TLC Clean recommends NO hose and no wasting water.