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Congrats, Chipotle

This series marks a turning point in getting what’s good for us. In the battle between food producer profits and public health, Chipotle stands as our champion for what’s in our best interest.

21540060.thbIT TAKES TWO HEROS.
The fact is:  Companies like Chipotle are helping.  But, You have to be your own hero!  Want healthier foods?  YOU must stand firm to get them.  You must be the hero for yourself and your loved ones.  You can be a role model for others.  People tend to do what they see others do.  YOU be the leader that others can then be like.

Want no GMO’s?
Waiting for labeling so you know what’s in your food? Stop waiting. You already know what’s in your food, my dears. Start buying organic.

Think organic costs too much?
Here are solutions:

1) You do not have to eat all organic. See the list of foods you must eat organic (because they have just to much c_ _ _ in them) and the list of foods that are okay to eat non-organic.

2) Cut back on OTHER expensive foods: chips, and other snacks cost more a pound than any pound of organic apples does.  Besides, they aren’t good for you.

3) Cut back on OTHER costs. (Yes I just said that out loud!) Cut back a little on everything.

  • Do your mani pedi at home once a month. And eat healthier for that month.
  • Have a home movie night instead of going to the theater.
  • Check money-saving options for your phone, insurance, mortgage, and the rest.
  • Have one meatless meal  each week.  Put the money you save into organic produce.

At TLC Clean, we believe in healthier, greener solutions and products:  
That’s our stand, and that’s our brand.