"Talking Dirty News" - Queen of Green, Barbara Loraine



Keep Them, Finally.

by Barbara Loraine

Some people don’t even set New Year’s Resolutions.  Why is that? They say that change is hard.

Or is it? Think of some of the changes you’ve easily made. Like many others, you may have switched from a land line to a cell phone as your primary – or only – phone service, from calling to texting, and to using Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Change is easy when the advantages are clear – and when the change is more convenient or makes your life better. Technology changes often provide those kind of advantages.

So, go ahead, make your New Year’s Resolutions. Just pick ones that are worthwhile, that are easy to stick to, and that are a clear up grade – and this year – you’ll keep your resolutions and reach your goals.

What upgrades are you making in 2014?

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