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Hula Hooping

TLC Clean is fun. Why just clean when you can get Tender Loving Care for all your stuff? The light spirit of these hula hoopers captures the feeling of all that TLC Clean is.

What is it about hula hooping that makes it so fun? It’s fun challenging learning to keep the hoop up and circling around the body. It’s fun to see how long you can keep the hoop going. While when the hula hoop first was invented, people were satisfied just to keep the hoop going, now hula hooping has been raised to a fine art form.

In the video, you see how many ways the hoop can be twirled, and for how long the twirling can continue. The performances can be really difficult. The hoops, which now include color and light shows, lend additional artistry and thrills to the performance.

There’s something to delight everyone. The music used during the performance makes a big difference in the crowd it will appeal to. Lights, music, action!