"Talking Dirty News" - Queen of Green, Barbara Loraine

Simply Irresistible

by Barbara Loraine

It is simply irresistible to think of products that work like crazy, are great for the environment, use healthy ingredients, and save time and money!

As Robert Palmer said, “You used to look good to me, but now, you’re Simply Irresistible.” We see it as our job to change the way you perceive “green” cleaning – and “green” living, for that matter. To push you over the edge into choosing what is really in your best interest.

At TLC Clean we work to educate and entertain, so we can get people’s attention.
People are used to using the sample old products, that have the same old ingredients, and results. The same old advertising ploys to pump up profits, not people.

We work to provide an irresistible message: there is a better way.