"Talking Dirty News" - Queen of Green, Barbara Loraine

Nanotech – Lotus Effect

by Barbara Loraine

TLC Clean’s “stay cleaner longer” products are based on nanotechnology technology.

What this means to you is:
Water sheets off your shower door. Instead of making hard water spots and developing soap scum, the smoother surface repels substances like water and soap residue. While cleaning IS still required, clean up takes a quick wipe with a small amount of the maintenance product, instead of heavy cleaning.

It’s the same with windows, metal, stone, and other hard surfaces. Clean and seal – the coating makes clean up quicker and easier.

Characteristics of Hydrophobic Coating:

1. High hydrophobic:The contact area between the droplet and the surface can be minimized, and the droplet won’t be absorbed into the surface and will be easy to wipe away.

2. Air permeability:the hydrophobic coating is suitable for any texture, the film will enhance the characteristics of waterproofness and self cleaning while the air permeability of the texture will not be influenced.

3. Durablity : the film will not permit moisture to permeate the surface for seven days, under normal conditions.

4. Easy to use: The film is easily applied by spraying on any surface. After a drying period of ten minutes, the film is ready to use.