"Talking Dirty News" - Queen of Green, Barbara Loraine

Bath as Spa

bathroom20_bigUse a soothing color pallette in your bathroom, to set a spa-ish mood. Consider saffron, light green, gray or some other calming color. While a full redesign of your bathroom would be nice, if your budget doesn’t allow that now, a bucket of paint can add a fresh look to your bath room.

Simple changes in accessories make a big difference, too.  As finishing touches, for true “spa” additions, display products for the bath and shower and remember to use them.

  • Use plush towels, you deserve it
  • Replace washcloth & hand towels daily
  • Get a good bath brush
  • Order is relaxing – organize your stuff
  • Add art pieces to inspire
  • Use fragrance – candles or essential oils
  • Luxuriate in a bubble bath – treat yourself
  • Play relaxing music – enjoy
  • Lounge with tea or glass of wine
  • Read an inspiring book