"Talking Dirty News" - Queen of Green, Barbara Loraine

Four Price-Cutting Tips

By Barbara Loraine, Queen of Green

Want to Pay Less?

There are many areas where you can strike a better deal when you buy home furnishings, clothes, and much more.  According to Mark Ellwood, author of “Bargain Fever,” there are bargains to be had at all kinds of stores, from mom-and-pop shops as well as at major department stores.

85616456.thbThink of it this way:  when you want a deal, you’re saying you want that salesperson to give you more.  So . . . give them more.  More what?  It’s easy:

  1. Smile and be friendly.
  2. Give them a way to explain the price cut to their boss, partner, and in their own minds.
  3. Help them be open-minded with this magic question:  have you ever ______
  4. Make your approach at a time when the clerk is not busy and when other customers will not observe your deal-making conversation.  (After all, you’re there to get a bargain for yourself and the store doesn’t want to give a deal to everyone.)

Here are Four Deal-Making Tips

1)  Be Nice & Haggle – Say, “These are a little more than I  want to pay.”  Or, “I like this but it’s just not in my budget, do you ever give a discount?”

  • Take the mindset, “I won’t take no for an answer.”
    Be sweet & charming with the clerk until you get a price reduction.
  • Explain why giving you a discount makes sense.  Making x on these is better than no sales, isn’t it?
  • Have you ever dropped the price, for a sale or family discount?

In a department store where the clerk is not empowered to drop prices, but where they do have coupons:  Ask the clerk for coupons from behind counter.

After you’ve gotten your deal, be profuse in your thanks.

2)  Be Nice & Buy in Bulk – These are $10 each.  I want to buy 10 can I get 10 for $90, (a 10% discount for buying in bulk)?

The key here is that you have to know to ask for the discount.  It goes back to number 2 and 3 above: give them a way to explain the price reduction.  “It’s better to sell 10 at $90 than to sell none.”  “We offer friends and family discounts, so we can afford to drop the price here.”

3)  Be Nice & Use a Smart Phone App –  Consider the app, “Retail Me Not,” which shows discounts in the mall where you are located.

Even though you can show the sales clerk the app right on your phone, they probably hasn’t heard of this and they’ll feel nervous. So be nice and show them how to give you the discount.  “It says here (on the app) that I can get 20% off of this shirt.  Here’s the coupon code to put into the register.”

4)  Loyalty – In some stores, sales people are commissioned or their sales are tracked.  They can help you by letting you know about sales, but why would they do that for you.  Tell the, “I’m going to be doing a lot of shopping here, could I make you my regular sales assistant?  I’d give you all my business and you could let me know about preferred sales, pre-sales, and other opportunities for bargains.”  Odds are, someone will say yes to that offer.

Being green is about making the most of resources, including your money. Some people say it costs too much to be green, to be organic, to buy the new energy-efficient car, and the rest.  Here’s what I say, take a little from other areas to put onto your green purchases.

There’s a saying, “In business, nothing happens until something gets sold,” so make something happen.