"Talking Dirty News" - Queen of Green, Barbara Loraine

Paper vs Cloth

by Barbara Loraine

Paper or Cloth?  Towels and Napkins, that is.

cloth towelsChoose Cloth Towels.  
Don’t buy any more paper towels. Instead use bar towels, recycled t-shirts, or micro-fiber cloths. The secret to making this work is to have the cloth towels handy. Isn’t that what makes paper towels so often used? They are right “there” on a roll, ready to grab and use. Make it just as easy to use cloth towels. Designate a bin in your kitchen to hold a supply of cloth towels. Finding the space to store the bin is easy. Once you switch from a gazillion other cleaning products to TLC Clean, you’ll have lots of room under your sink and in the utility room where you used to keep cleaning products.

cloth napkinsPaper or Cloth? Napkins.
Let’s talk a minute about paper napkins. First of all, cloth is nicer. When you go to a fine restaurant, the napkins are most certainly cloth. Why is that? They are simply nicer! So, why not treat yourself with a “fine” experience at home – everyday? Buy enough cloth napkins to last a week or more and find a handy place in your kitchen and/or dining area to store them.

Reward Yourself.
As with much of using TLC Clean, using cloth napkins and towels is different. To give yourself motivation and reminders, try this: Keep a jar to put the money you save into. Whenever you skip paying for paper towels, put the money you save into a jar or piggy bank. Once the bank is filled, spend it on something nice to reward yourself for being more money conscious and sustainable. ”It’s a TLC Thing.”