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Barbara Loraine

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Queen of Green

by Barbara Loraine

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Barbara Loraine


With a master’s degree in human behavior and over 30 years as a corporate and personal development trainer and marketing consultant – Barbara has a deep understanding of people and why they make the choices they do.

We may think that we choose based on our own thoughts and feelings, but those inclinations come from somewhere. Family, friends, where we live, who we are around, these all make an impression. The media has an enormous influence on our choices, too.

One of my favorite stories about how advertisers convince people choose is that of Edward Bernaise. Watch the video, below, it’s an eye opener.

As a marketer, advertiser and behavioral trainer and coach, I’ve always encouraged people to take action in their own best interest. Period.

That is what I still do with the TLC Clean products and with all of my efforts to encourage you to buy. You see, there are problems with other cleaning products – either they are harmful to people, pets, and the planet – or they just don’t work very well. At TLC Clean, we are changing all that.

  • Healthy Ingredients. “One of my biggest motivators is getting the toxins out!”
  • Saves Time and Money.  These products have been used commercially for over 9 years; they have been tried, tested, and proven to save time and money!
  • Good for the Environment. Our products replace pounds and pounds of other products, think of what that element alone means to the environment?
  • Works like Crazy.  Watch our videos, attend our product demos if you get a chance.  Mostly, try TLC Clean for yourself – you’ll see why I am so passionate about my business!

Not only am I passionate type, I do what it takes to get attention, interest, desire, and action for the TLC Clean cause.  I am tired of people being stuck with harmful products in order to get results.  I am a nut about getting the word out.  I have been know to jump up and down (or to jump up on a chair and shout) to get the attention these products deserve.

I am committed to doing what it takes to get the word out about TLC Clean products, so I work tirelessly, on line and off line.  Not only that, I feel strongly about “Green Living.”  Some people think that being “green” means sacrificing, or making choices that are not as good as the alternatives.  This is simply not so.  It does require a shift in thinking and in choices – but the result is that you end up with MORE of the important stuff, and less waste.  Cool, huh?

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