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How to Get More Facebook Post Shares

33276558Want to Get More?

by Barbara Loraine

Want to get more?  Then, give more!
But give the right stuff!

One of the secrets to “Be Irresistible” is to find out what people want, and then give them that.  

We all wish others would share our posts.
But our wish may be more than we should expect.

First – Let’s Look at What a FB Page’s Job Is
A FB Page is where your prospects and customers learn more about your brand, your ethic, your values . . . and sometimes about your products and services.

Your FB Page, as a business tool, should used to communicate the same message as your brand.

Four Tips for Getting More FB Shares.

1)  Don’t Expect Quid Pro Quo, When it Comes to FB Sharing!
Some people think, “If I share other’s posts then they will share mine (or they “should” reciprocate.)  That is wrong thinking .   That tit for tat thinking is a closed loop with no possibility for going viral. (The reason for this will become more clear as we proceed.)

What about our personal FB, can’t we share anything we want there? Not if we are in business!  Whether we like it or not, everything on the internet is visible to everyone else.  If we are in business, everything we share will communicate and will be judged.  We want the time we spend on social media to create a positive impression, to build relationships, and to increase our business.

2) Take the Attitude: That’s My Stand; That’s My Brand©
FB is a business tool, so we should only post items that are consistent with our brands and values.   I’ll use my FB Page and personal page as an example.  As Queen of Green, I share all green all the time.  If your post is positive, inspirational, healthy, a healthy recipe, happy, protects people (especially children), sustainable, and/or is fun – then I may share it.  The reason I will share is to provide the benefit for my audience!  That bears repeating:  The reason to share is for the education, entertainment, etc – of my friends!  I don’t share for the person who first posted it.  That’s not because I’m mean, it’s just not what Facebook is for.

3)  Adjust Your Thinking
Instead of thinking, ”I wish more people would share my posts.”  Or, “I think that, if I share other’s posts, then they should share mine.” The better thought would be, “What can I do to inspire people to share my posts?  What above-and-beyond value can I provide?  How can I inspire, motivate, or hit a nerve?  How can I be the “irresistible brownies, fresh from the oven”?  And, how can I make my post better than the others who are posting? (After all, there is a limit to how many posts your friends and fans “should” share on a given FB visit.)

In other words, how can we create an Irresistible Post?  (It helps if you begin with an Irresistible Brand.)

4)  Know Your Friends and Fans – and Learn What Appeals to Them 
Odds are, their friends will have similar appetites for content.  How can you find out what people like on FB?  Find out what people want, and then give them that.  How?

INSIGHTS tell the story
Check what gets shared, commented on (and what kind of comments), and liked.Check the views for what captures immediate attention.  Google doesn’t care about views, but I do! A “FB view” is the “Billboard Test.”  Does your post cause people to do a double take?  That’s a view!  The gal in the image on this page got lots more views than most of the   beautiful women I’ve posted!  So I invited her back!  Not because I like her, but because others have let me know that they like her more than they like others.

SURVEY to gain more insights 
But not just any survey will do.  You need to ask really good questions to surface people’s true feelings.  As a behavioral scientist, I’ll share a secret with  you:  Believe more of what people DO and less of what they SAY.  People often (usually) don’t know what they want, or they say they want one thing, and they do something else. (I’ll be starting to use surveys, soon.)  Note:  you often have to give an incentive for people to take a survey.

TEST different approaches, posts, images, offers, etc. 
Your best guesses will not stand up to the results you can get from letting the market tell you – with their behaviors – what they will respond to.  For example, I thought that I could best sell my healthier cleaning products by taking a positive approach.  It’s my nature to focus on the positive.  But, time after time, I got more views, likes, comments, and shares when I took a more fear-producing tack.   It’s not MY preference!  It’s what people are responding to.  So now, I do more of that.

5)  Bonus – Be Generous 
The Bible says, “Whatever a man sows, so shall he reap.”  Mother Nature and all other experts agree.  It just makes sense to be helpful with others and to know that the good you do will come back to you.

We’ve covered four ideas here (and a bonus) out of 40,000, about how to “Be Irresistible” on FB, in your business, and in your life.  If you found this interesting or valuable, you’ll want to sign up for Talking Dirty Newsletter where I share tidbits like this from the book, “Be Irresistible.”