"Talking Dirty News" - Queen of Green, Barbara Loraine

Talks on Business

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by Barbara Loraine

“Queen of Green . . . as in Money” talks on:

  • Green, Sustainability & Profits
  • Business Development, Motivation, & Taking Action
  • Women in Business & Life
  • Irresistibility – How to become a Magnet for All You Need

From conception to having the first infomercial on the air, Barbara Loraine, Founder and CEO of TLC Clean works fast.

“I ran the brand for OxiClean, and I’m looking to do it again with TLC Clean,” says Jon LaClare, CEO of Harvest Growth, one of the leading internet marketing and infomercial product companies.

From the business plan, to building the team, to set the marketing strategies, and raising funds – each step along the way has it’s own challenges – and I am overcoming all the obstacles that arise.  As CEO, I am attracting and creating the resources, people, and money I need – at each step along the way.


Barbara is an informative and entraining speaker.  I highly recommend her.
Jack Warren – “Radio Jack” – WS Radio & KCBQ