"Talking Dirty News" - Queen of Green, Barbara Loraine

12-Minute Car Wash

Eco-Friendly Car Wash How To


How many times have you walked out to your car and, oh no, a bird has attacked. Or you got bug splatter, or road grime, Or the morning dew made your car wet, and that turns intp spots, spots and more spots. – even if you just got your car washed.

Welcome to Tender Loving Care, CLC Clean for your car and the environment.
All you’ll need to wash your car is 12-Minute Car Wash, All Purpose Cleaner, a microfiber cloth, a couple towels or rags (tshirts work well and it’s good recycling) and a brush for just in case.

If your car is really dirty, like mine was, you may want to begin by cleaning the car somewhat. No hose.

1/2 teaspoon all purpose into 1/2 bucket or less of hot water. Stir to dissolve.
I think it makes sense to start on top of the car because water can drip down.
See the dirt comes onto the sponge or rag. The water and All Purpose protects your paint. Then wipe with a towel or rag (an old tshert is great)
The dirt ends up on the towel.

This is important. Even if you use a “green” cleaner, the road grime you’re cleaning off will end up in the waterways if you hose down the car! When you wipe the grime onto a towel, you pretect the environment.

You can use a brush and more water and cleaner to get rid of bug splatter. Then wipe with a towel. The road grime ends up on the towels and in the bucket. Not harming the fishes or people playing in the water.

Now that your car is cleaner, it’s time for the 12-Minute Car Wash.
The first time you use it, it will take longer. You see the TLC Clean Car Wash lays down a protective shield that resists grime, bugs, waterspots and bird droppings – they’ll be easier to clean off next time.
The shiled accumulates each time you use it, so washing gets quicker and easier.
Know this, TLC Clean Shield is NOT petroleum based. So it is safe for people, animals, and the environment. That’s not the case with other products that are oil-based.

It’s easy to use. You can feel when it’s time to spray again, the cloth starts to “drag” a bit and you spray more product on.

When you’re done, take the dirty rags and microfiber cloth and soak them in TLC Clean for Laundry – or use the All Purpose. Then they go into the laundry.

No hose, no mess, no fuss. Nothing that’s bad for the environment.
That’s why we say, TLC Clean is at the heart of everything we do.

NOTE: don’t do your car when it’s really hot, the water and product will evaporate too quickly and leave spots and when you use the TLC Clean, it will make streaks, you’ll waste product.
Don’t rinse your car unless it’s really, really dirty with caked on mud or grime. Road grime goes down the drain and into the water ways, not good for the fishies.