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How To – Car Wash

How to Wash Your Car

carby Barbara Loraine

There are problems with car washes.

If you go to the car wash, it takes time to drive there, and what will you do while you wait?  It wastes 30 to 45 minutes out of your day.  The price adds up, too.  It can cost $15 to $40 per car wash!  That can be way over $500 a year.
Probably more.

If you do it yourself, washing your car is a big-deal chore. You’ve got to gather the five different products it takes, along with sponges and brushes for washing, and rags for drying.  You’ve got to fill a bucket with product and water, and (worst of all) drag out the hose, and when you’re done, put all that stuff away, including putting the hose away, which is never any fun.  How long does it take?  At least 45 minutes, probably more.

 Just think what you could do with your time and your money, instead of wasting them on car washes?    

The other  thing is, the products you use are probably harmful to the environment, and when you rinse, they go down the storm drain and out to precious waterways.
Even with eco-friendly products, if you are hosing off the car, the road grime is going into the storm drain and out to the waterways, which is bad for the environment and the sea creatures.

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You don’t have to wash your car before you use TLC Clean.  
But if your car or the wheels are really dirty, clean the dirt off first so you need less of the TLC Clean Car Wash product to get the job done.   If there’s lots of grime on the wheel covers, you may want to clean at least some of it off before you begin.


1)  Start with a Pre-Wash with All Purpose Cleaner  Buy Now

  • Mix 1 teaspoon in 1/2 to 1 gallon Hot Water
  • Stir to dissolve
  • Use a brush to “slosh” the mixture onto the car
  • Scrub as necessary to remove debris
  • OR
  • Wet a rag and wipe down the car to remove dirt
  • Scrub to remove stubborn debris
  • Before you preoceed, wipe the car to dry or air dry – otherwise you will waste product.
  • NOTE:  Do not use a hose to rinse off the car.  Use a rag to wipe of dirt, so the grime does NOT go into the storm drain – SAVE THE FISHES


2)  Use 12-Minute Car Wash    Buy Now

  • Fold the micro-fiber in half, in half again, and in half again. This prevents wasting product.
  • Spray 3 or 4 squirts onto the micro-fiber.  Wipe to clean.
  • You’ll see the dirt coming off onto the cloth, so the grime is not going to end up in the ocean.
  • You’ll feel the slickness of the surface under the micro-fiber, as TLC Clean both cleans and lays down a protective shield.
  • As you clean, you will feel a little “dragging” under the cloth.  That’s your clue to spray more product. Spray another 3 or 4 squirts on the cloth and proceed.
  • As the cloth gets soiled, fold it to expose a clean area of the cloth.

You can wash the cloths and reuse them many times.

The protective shield accumulates with continued use, which means that bug splatter, bird droppings, and the rest don’t stick as much to your windshield or other parts of your car.

3)  Use 12-Minute Car Wash to clean the car body and chrome  Buy Now

  • Yes, you use the same product as for the windows!!!  (We told you TLC Clean is different!)
  • Use the same cleaning methods as for the windows.
  • Think of your car body as divided in sections and work from one section to the next.
  • You might want to start with the hood, then from top down (skipping the windows that you already cleaned), and from front to back.

4)  Use All Purpose for  the wheel covers and tires.  Buy Now

  • Stir to dissolve 1 teaspoon TLC All purpose cleaner in a half bucket or large bowl of hot water.
  • Apply the solution with a rag and use a brush to clean the wheels’ nooks and crannies.
  • Later, once the wheels are dry . . .
  • You’ll clean and sheild the wheels with the 12-Minute Car Wash.
  • Yes, you can use  the same product on the windows, the body of the car, and the chrome.
  • OR Use Renew for Vinyl

5)  Finish with the vinyl detail work and leather upholstery.  

Since you never use a hose, you never have to drag it out  (or put it away)!

You do not have to wear your “work clothes,” the dirt is going to go onto the cloths and rags, you will stay clean.  When I go to events, says Loraine, I often give a raffle prize, I do the winner’s car wash, right after the meeting, NO MATTER WHAT I’M WEARING.  (Although I don’t like washing cars with heels on; I usually carry flats with me.)

You can clean your car anywhere and any time you have a few minutes.  (That is, you can do that once you have washed and “shielded” your car the first time,)  “I often clean my car while I’m pumping gas, as I arrive at the grocery store, or when I’m early for a meeting.” says Loraine

Clean as much or as little as you want in each car cleaning “session.
You can do half of your car each time you clean it.  Or you can do just the detail work one time.  In fact, whenever you have 5 minutes to spare, you can clean a section of your car.  In other words, you can build  car cleaning into your daily activities and barely notice when you did the work.  

Clean your car every two weeks or so, so the shield builds up.
When your car is shielded, it resists lots of the grime and bug splatter and bird droppings come off easier.  When it’s easier to quickly remove acid-based spots from your car, you’ll feel more like caring for your paint job, and your car will stay in better shape.  That’s just nicer – and maintains the resale value of your car.

Use TLC Clean for Glass as your windshield washer fluid.
Windshield wiper cleaner contains harsh ingredients that can remove the protective shield.
We recommend that you either keep your windows clean with the Car Wash product
or fill your windshield washer with our Glass Cleaner (without the shield in it), which will preserve your TLC Clean shield.

Use TLC Clean for Carpet and Upholstery in your car.
It’s quick and easy to keep your car’s carpet and upholstery nice.
Directions for that are in the page devoted to that product.

Wash your car when it is not too hot – or the product will streak and be wasted.


The fishes, surfers, and beach goers really appreciate it when you do not dump those poisons into their playground.  Better to clean dirt off with a cloth and then wash the cloth in the washing machine (with TLC Clean for Laundry J ) so the grime is neutralized before it hits the water ways. TLC Clean is biodegradable, so it won’t harm the environment, but the dirt on your car can.