"Talking Dirty News" - Queen of Green, Barbara Loraine

Shower + Bath

63289750Soap Scum?  

by Barbara Loraine

Are there are problems lurking in your shower?

  • Soap scum
  • Product residue
  • Water spots and streaks
  • Hard water stains
  • Mold & Mildew
  • Corrossion Damage on Faucets
  • Need to squeegee after every shower

These turn a shower or bath, which should be
a serene oasis, into a yucky science experiment.

Our goal with TLC Clean is to clean your shower and bath tub – and then keep the area cleaner. We do this by shielding surfaces from spots, stains, gunky build-up, and even damage.

Here’s how to use TLC Clean:


1) Have you got soap scum, hard water stains, or any other build-up in your tub or shower area?
If not . . .

STEP 1 - Use TLC Clean All Purpose to simply clean the area. (see directions below) Buy Now
Then skip step 2 and proceed to step 4.
If you do . . .

STEP 2 - Use TLC Clean Shower & Tub Cleaner. (see directions below) Buy Now

2) Is there corrosion on fixtures or in the corners of metal shower door frames? See the picture, in case you don’t know what corrosion looks like. It’s actually a chemical process where the metal or glass surfaces are actually being worn away.
If not, skip to step 4

If so,

STEP 3 - Use Deep Clean & Restore to remove the damage and prepare the surface for the “protective shield.” (see directions below) Buy Now

Step 4 - Glass & Metal Cleaner – with Lite Shield Buy Now
Once you have cleaned away scum and residue, use glass and metal cleaner on

  • Shower door
  • Fixtures
  • Sides of the bathtub

Do NOT use on the floor of the bath tub or shower – You could slip and fall on the slick surface.

12-Month Protective Shield Buy Now
Want longer lasting TLC for your shower door and other hard surfaces? With the 12-Month Shiled, your surface stays cleaner for 12 Months!

Use TLC Clean All-Purpose

  • Add 1 teaspoon All Purpose in a bowl of 1 to 3 cups hot tap water.
  • Stir to dissolve.
  • Let cool enough to pour into spray bottle. (Or apply with towel or sponge)
  • Apply to surface. Let sit for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Scrub with brush to clean.
  • Rinse with clean water.
  • If there are any spots still dirty, repeat the process.


Use TLC Clean for Shower & Bath

  • Spray and wipe over entire surface to clean.
  • Don’t spray the entire surface.
  • The bottle’s mist sprayer broadcasts the product, and then use a cloth to spread it further, so the entire surface is covered with product.
  • Let the product sit for a few minutes to do it’s work.
  • Then rinse and let dry.
  • This is the one product that you use more of than the others. Still try to use as little as possible.

In the meantime, clean other parts of the bathroom.

USE TLC Deep Clean & Restore

  • Pour a dime-sized amount of Restore onto a scouring pad.
  • Work in small areas, no more than 1 foot square, because the product dries quickly.
  • Scrub the surface in a circular motion.
  • You are not “applying” this product, you are working to remove the corrosion. This can take some elbow grease. Don’t want to work so hard? This is a natural product, it works well, but it does take some work.
  • Once the area has been “Restore-d” you don’t have to ever get to this point again. Moving forward, you can easily protect your surfaces and clean away the hard water and residue that causes the corrosion.
  • Continue, carefully scrubbing the area until it is free of grime and damage.
  • NOTE: Some damage may be so extensive that it will require circular tools and/or a professional to get the best results.

Glass & Metal with Lite Shield

  • Spray 3 to 6 squirts onto a micro-fiber cloth.
  • Wipe the surface and as it removes any residue from cleaning, it will also lay down a protective shield that resists water spots, soap build-up, mold and mildew.
  • NOTE: For heavily soiled areas, first clean with All Purpose and/or Deep Clean & Restores

12-Month Shield

  • Pour or squirt a line of Shield onto a micro-fiber cloth, folded four times over
  • OR
  • Pour or squirt a line of Shield onto a fine micro-fiber with sponge
  • Wipe the Shield onto the surface, covering every inch
  • Work in small areas, about 1 or 2 feet square – the product dries quickly
  • Notice where you have applied, work systematically so the eintire surface is covered
  • Optional: Repeat and add a second coat, for extra protection
  • NOTE: Do NOT use harsh chemicals; they will remove the seal
  • It is recommended that you only use TLC Clean products to clean the Shielded area AND
  • MAINTAIN THE SHIELD with TLC Clean Glass & Metal Cleaner