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Stainless Appliances

How to Keep Stainless Appliances Clean

stainless appliancesby Barbara Loraine

Stainless steel adds a note of elegance and luxury to any kitchen.  But, fingerprints and streaks, along with wear and tear can quickly mar the surface – and the look – of your expensive appliances.

The worst thing for stainless steel is to use the wrong products.  The best thing is to recapture
the value from the investment you made in
high-end appliances – by using TLC Clean.


Begin by assessing your stainless situation – do your surfaces simply need some, well, tender loving care?  Or have your appliances suffered damage, with visible streaks, scratches and overall malaise?


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  • Fold the micro-fiber in half, in half again, and in half again. This prevents wasting product.
  • 3 or 4 squirts onto the micro-fiber.  Wipe the surface to clean.
  • Wipe with the “grain” of the stainless steel
  • You’ll see dirt coming off onto the cloth
  • You’ll feel the slickness of the surface under the micro-fiber, as TLC Clean both cleans and lays down a protective shield.
  • As you clean, you will feel a little “dragging” under the cloth.  That’s your clue to spray more product. Spray another 3 or 4 squirts on the cloth and proceed.
  • As the cloth gets soiled, fold it to expose a clean area of the cloth.
  • You’ll wash the cloths and reuse them many times.
  • The protective shield accumulates with continued use, which means that the surface will resist water streaks, fingerprints, and more.

Deep Clean & Restore  BUY NOW

For troubled stainless surface, first use Deep Clean & Restore.

  • Use Restore & Prep to remove the damage and prepare the surface for the “protective shield.”
  • Pour a dime-sized amount of Restore onto a scouring pad.
  • Work in small areas, no more than 1 foot square, because the product dries quickly.
  • Scrub the surface in a circular motion.
  • You are  not just “applying” this product, you are working to remove the corrosion.  This can take some elbow grease.

12 Month Shield  BUY NOW

To protect your stainless steel appliances from fingerprints, kitchen grime, and more

  • Once the stainless appliance has been perfectly cleaned and dried . . .
  • Fold micro-fiber in half, then again, and again.
  • OR
  • Use fine micro-fiber cloth wrapped around small spong
  • Then
  • Pour a thin line 12 Month Shield onto the cloth.
  • You are going to apply the product as if you are “painting” the entire surface.
  • First wipe up and down.
  • Work in small areas (about 1 foot square); product dries fast.
  • Then apply side to side, covering the same area. Cover every inch.
  • When you have covered the whole stainless steel surface, apply a second coat (as above)
  • Let dry for one hour to “set.”

Do not use other products with harsh chemicals, or the shield will be removed.

For seriously damaged surfaces, call and ask about our “Stainless Steel Rescue Kit.”