"Talking Dirty News" - Queen of Green, Barbara Loraine

Media Kit – About Us


by Barbara Loraine

The story of TLC Clean is about the founder, Barbara Loraine, and what was going on in the economy a few years back.

As a marketer and promoter, Loraine worked with a variety of service providers but, with the downturn in the economy, one by one, her clients disappeared. Like many other people she found herself asking, “Now what?”

She decided it would be a good time to put her “marketing mojo” behind a product of her own. She wanted to work with a healthy, environmentally-friendly product that would make a difference for people. In the meantime, she started “Green by Friday,” where she encouraged people to be more green, along with promoting eco-friendly businesses, with a monthly mixer, weekly networking meetings, and door-to-door promotions.

In July, 2012, Loraine met a distributor of eco-friendly cleaning products for commercial applications. The products had been used for nearly ten years at places like Bellagio Casino, Sheraton Hotels, hospitals and more – to save time and money while getting superior results. Since the products were not available to consumers, Loraine saw her opportunity.

Barbara immediately began market testing at local farmer’s markets, developing the business plan for offering the products for the consumers, creating the brand, private labeling, operational infrastructure, marketing, and more.

Loraine is a member of CEO Space International, which helped her quickly build a team that includes Lon La Clare of Harvest Growth (he ran the marketing for Oxi-Clean), Bob Circosta (the original pitchman at Home Shopping Network), and Jill Lublin (nationally recognized publicity expert), among others.

Loraine has filmed her first infomercial, fine-tuned the branding and marketing plans, and added more expertise to the advisory team, including San Diego-based, nationally acclaimed, Internet Marketing Inc.

“I have two jobs now,” says Loraine. “One is to sell boat loads of product and the other is to get the investor funds needed to drive the business plans.

As Loraine says, “I stay motivated knowing that Oxi-Clean, with a similar business plan, sold for $325 million.” As La Clare, who helped Oxi-Clean reach their goals, says, “We just need to do it again with TLC Clean.”

Now, in 14 short action-packed months from having first learned about the products and seeing the opportunity, Loraine will be launching sales on the internet as well as planning product demonstrations and sales at San Diego retail stores. Next will come nationally-aired infomercials and Home Shopping Network.

The TLC Clean story is one of Barbara Loraine’s ability to see and seize an opportunity, no matter what.