"Talking Dirty News" - Queen of Green, Barbara Loraine

Media Kit – About Founder

bl pic founderMedia Kit – About Founder


It’s easy to spot Barbara Loraine, founder and CEO of TLC Clean, she’s the one wearing green. “My closet looks like a leprechaun lives here,” says Loraine, who understands the importance of personal branding and getting attention as ways to get business. “I am green,” says Loraine, “which means I am for people, health, sustainability, being environmentally friendly, and against waste – that’s my stand and that’s my brand!”

“The downturn in the economy got people thinking about being more cost-conscious, and that has helped the eco-friendly revolution, because being “green” almost always saves money. Since these ideas are important to me, I am happy to be an advocate for consumers making choices that are in their own best interest, that are more cost-effective, and that are good for the environment. I am thrilled to be bringing uber-eco-friendly cleaning products to America, beginning in San Diego,” remarks Loraine. “This business uses all the talents I have developed over the years, forces me to learn the latest technologies, and gives me an new opportunity for success.”

With a master’s degree in human behavior and a resume that includes work as a corporate and personal development trainer, Loraine has always helped others take action. Whether it has been to increase sales, lose weight, stop smoking, or to make some other behavioral change, Loraine has used technologies including hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming (made famous by Tony Robbins), cognitive conditioning, leadership, salesmanship, and more.

As a “green” consumer and marketer, I see through advertising campaigns and I understand how people end up eating poorly and damaging their health, falling into wasteful habits that leave the landfills bursting at the seams, and busting their budgets spending on stuff that they don’t need or really even want. While others focus on corporate profits and “let the buyer beware,” Loraine is out to “do well by doing good,” as other companies like Whole Foods, Starbucks, Discovery Communications, and The Walt Disney Companies, They have proved that we can make money while making a difference.

Loraine is an award-winning Toastmaster, has been a columnist for the San Diego Daily Transcript, adjunct university faculty, produced of a public access television series, and author of “The $2 a Day Gourmet.” She taught classes on self-discipline at the Chicago Board of Trade and coached ESPN heavy-weight boxers at their training camp in Ruidoso, New Mexico.

She did both her under-graduate and graduate work at National University in San Diego and went to multi-media school, learning the full suite of tools for marketing on the internet and in print. She is a constant student, with classes these days focused on current marketing technologies.

Why isn’t “green” in the product name? As Loraine loves to say, “Tender loving care is at the heart of everything we do. When loving, caring feelings are put into action, those actions are green. We don’t have to say we are green, we are green.”