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How to “Be Irresistible” from the Author

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Everyone Wants To “Be Irresistible”
Now They Can, Because Barbara Loraine Wrote the Book on the Subject!

 For Immediate Release
January 29, 2014

Media Contact:
Barbara Loraine
Founder, CEO & Queen of Green

Who Doesn’t Want To “Be IRRESISTIBLE”?
What Would That Mean for Their Business, Sales . . . and Romance?
Meet 30-Year Business Consultant, Entrepreneur,
& Author of the Book, “Be Irresistible,” Barbara Loraine. 

 Your viewers can get Loraine’s high-energy message on how to “Be Irresistible,”
Just in time for Valentine’s Day.

San Diego, CA.  January 29, 2014.  Small Business Consultant & Entrepreneur, Barbara Loraine, is helping business people to increase sales – and individuals to improve their romantic appeal – by teaching how to “Be Irresistible.”

Your audience can hear her message on how to “Be Irresistible” just in time for Valentine’s Day.  With 30 years experience as a corporate leadership trainer, personal development coach, marketer, and entrepreneur, Barbara Loraine has gained insights that she now shares with others.

Loraine is writing the book ,“Be Irresistible,” which includes ideas on how business people can make more sales and how individuals can attract more of what they want in their relationships.

“With my education and background in leadership, sales effectiveness, and marketing, I have developed a keen awareness of the elements of attraction.  (Not to be confused with ‘The Law of Attraction.’) In business, in order to make sales, we use the acronym AIDA.   Businesspeople need to grab Attention, develop Interest, and build Desire, and then motivate Action and to do so with a ‘primal’ spin on it,” says Loraine.  “People are often surprised to learn how similar principals hold true in personal and romantic relationships.”

The book includes info on how primal needs, power dynamics and proximity can increase – or hinder – irresistibility.

Big-corporate marketers know that people don’t just buy to solve their needs and problems; they purchase because of emotional associations advertisers create with their products.  That’s why so many advertisements evoke feelings of family, community, love, and (yes) sex.  What does a spot of catsup dropping on super model’s blouse have to do with hamburgers?  Carl’s Junior’s would say, “lots.”

But human needs and motivations have to be understood (enough) in order to use them effectively.

With panache and passion, Barbara shares quick tips that are informative and entertaining – just in time for Valentine’s Day – or any time, because people are always interested in being irresistible.

About Barbara Loraine

With a master’s degree in human behavior and 30 years as a corporate and personal development trainer, marketer, and entrepreneur, Loraine’s work has always been to move people to action. Loraine recently developed a line of products that will  be sold on Home Shopping Network.  As she saw the need to make her products, her brand, and herself more irresistible, she decided to share her unique insights on irresistibility with others.

 About How To “Be Irresistible”

Loraine’s education and experience mean she has a deep understanding of human attraction, motivation, and action.  Loraine’s down-to-earth style and real-world examples make her ideas easy (and fun) to learn – and to put into use immediately. It’s an interesting topic, after all, who doesn’t want to “Be Irresistible”?

 About TLC Clean

Incorporated in February, 2013, TLC Clean provides products that are healthier, just launched Internet sales and will be doing product demos around San Diego and establishing local retail sales. They will be selling on Home Shopping Network and with national infomercials, followed by national retail.

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