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Clean up the World


Clean up the World Weekend

September 20 – 22, with TLC Clean

San Diego, CA, September 11, 2013
by Barbara Loraine

It’s “Clean up the World Weekend, September 20-22. According to Barbara Loraine, CEO of San Diego-based TLC Clean, “it makes sense to begin your clean up efforts at home.” TLC Clean launched it’s eco-friendly, time- and money-saving, and super-effective cleaning product line to coincide with the annual, international environmental campaign.

While there are many ways to clean up around the community, consumer watchdogs at Environmental Working Group report that, “There are many controversial chemicals in consumer products, which are possible causal factors of birth defects, hormonal disruptions, and diabetes. “So, why not start at home? Asks Barbara Loraine, CEO of TLC Clean, a San Diego-based cleaning product company launching sales on the internet and soon to be available at local retailers.

Loraine suggests a three-point plan for home clean up:
1) Get the Toxins Out of Your Home. After being pressured for years to do so, a major manufacturer finally agreed to stop putting phthalates and triclosan in their products, “The TLC Clean commitment is to choose healthy ingredients. Being green is our stand and our brand,” says Loraine, “For example, our 5-in-1 Laundry product is based on baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. It is then kicked up with natural additives and processing to give it super-cleaning power, so it works better than other green products.”

2) Let the Buyer Be Aware. Popular products create a need for more products. For example, the label of a “washing machine cleaning” product says that it “helps remove odor caused by residue.” Where does the residue come from? A simple experiment will show you: Take a towel that’s been washed and dried and soak it in very hot, clear water. Odds are, you’ll see the water become less clear. The cloudiness comes from residue left in linens and clothes after washing them in regular detergents and from fabric softeners.

3) Size Matters. The various laundry products consumers typically use to do 90 loads of laundry add up over 31 pounds. By comparison, a 10 ounce jar of TLC Clean for Laundry gets the same jobs done. “People ask all the time how we are able to make the product so concentrated. Loraine explains, It’s not that we concentrate the product, we just don’t add fillers to make it look like customers are getting more. We believe that is one of the ways we show ‘tender loving care’ about our customers, and for the environment.

Loraine’s appearances can always include an interesting “science experiment-type” demonstration of TLC Clean products. Audiences will be able to download a free copy of Loraine’s Stain Removing Q & A.

To get involved in community activities in honor of “Clean up the World Weekend,” contact Surfrider, I Love a Clean San Diego, or Habitat for Humanity and plan to volunteer.

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