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Get Rid of Harsh Chemicals


San Diego, CA, September 12, 2013

BL Lake Las VegasBy Barbara Loraine

Tired of Harsh Cleaning Products? TLC Clean to the Rescue.

Cleaning products are harsh on people and the environment, they cost too much, and (according to manufacturers) it takes too many products to get stuff clean. TLC Clean and its founder, Barbara Loraine, is solving these problems.

According to consumer watchdogs at EWG (Environmental Working Group), most cleaning products include harsh, damaging chemicals. It’s the same whether the cleaning products are for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry, or car washing. What’s more, manufacturers offer countless aisles of products to keep stuff clean. On the other hand, “green” cleaning products often disappoint.

As an $8 billion dollar industry, cleaning product manufacturers spend a bundle on advertising. “However,” according to Loraine, CEO of TLC Clean, “savvy consumers are looking for health-conscious, cost-effective alternatives.”

Time-Saving with High-Tech. Some of the TLC Clean products keep stuff cleaner longer. Inspired by NASA technology, windshields, stainless steel appliances, and shower doors resist dirt, water spots, and other messes, so cleaning is quicker and easier. (Demos of TLC Clean products are like fun science experiments.)

Healthy Ingredients. As an example, TLC Clean for Laundry is based on baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. “With proprietary additives and processing, it gets results far superior to what those basic ingredients can do on their own,” says one of the TLC Clean chemists.

Saves Money. ”It only takes one teaspoon of TLC Clean to do an extra large laundry load of laundry,” says Bob Circosta, 30-year pitchman with Home Shopping Network. “As a five-in-one product, TLC Clean for Laundry replaces at least five other products.” Not only that, other products can create a self-perpetuating loop. For example a washing machine cleaner says it “helps remove odor caused by residue.” Residue harbors odor and the bacteria that cause it. Where does the residue come from? From popular detergents. TLC Clean for Laundry leaves no residue.

Eco-Friendly. The TLC Clean 10-ounce container compares to 31 pounds of other manufacturers’ products. Consider what that means for the environment: less shipping cost, wear and tear on roads, fuel for trucks, plus less packaging, and waste in the land fill.

See and Believe the Superior Results. Each product in the TLC Clean line has its own remarkable story – which must be seen to be appreciated. “We do product demonstrations and videos, to show the products in action. It’s hard for people to imagine how well TLC Clean performs, so we demonstrate how it works,” says Loraine.

TLC Clean is proud to announce it’s launch, with eco-friendly products that deliver superior results, available online and soon at San Diego retailers.

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