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Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Get Rid of the Baggage & Succeed

Barbara Loraine


83895012People Want to Keep Their New Year’s Resolutions, Now They Actually Can

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December, 2013

Anyone Can Keep Their New Year’s Resolutions, If They Take this Often Over-Looked Step.  Meet Experienced Trainer and Entrepreneur, Barbara Loraine

San Diego, CA. December, 2013. Entrepreneur Barbara Loraine, with a 30-year background as a corporate trainer and personal development coach, is helping people keep their New Year’s Resolutions.

Barbara Loraine, with 30 years as a corporate trainer and personal development coach, is currently the founder and CEO of TLC Clean (a line of eco-friendly, healthier cleaning products). Barbara, known as the Queen of Green, has ideas to share with people about how to achieve New Year’s Resolutions and goals! “Although I spend my time building TLC Clean, I still feel compelled to share insights, ideas, and encouragement with other business people – and just people – who have big goals to reach – so they can be successful, too!”

“When it comes to New Year’s Resolutions, people often skip an important step. See, they say they want to do X (maybe to eat right or exercise) but they’ve got ‘baggage’ that makes it difficult for them to move forward. Picture someone trying to work out on a treadmill while, at the same time, they are trying to balance a big suitcase on their back. They may be able to do it for a while, but sooner or later, the baggage gets in the way.

What is the baggage? It’s negative beliefs and feelings, including fear of failure, fear of success, feeling undeserving, feeling like you are not enough, or some other limiting thought. It’s not enough to know that there is baggage, we have to work to let it go. If you ask someone why they stopped working on their resolutions, the real answer is, ‘Because I didn’t feel like doing what it takes.’ And where does that feeling come from? The baggage!” The excuses or reasons are, “I don’t have time or it’s not a priority.”

The real truth is, it’s the limiting belief that throws us off track. For example, if we say we don’t have time to exercise that may indicate we just don’t feel worthy of the investment in being healthier.

How to Keep Resolutions by getting rid of baggage? There are four steps to take:
(I use props and action to make these points.)

  1. See that there is baggage. If we say we want do X, but we make excuses instead, we know there is a negative belief blocking our action.
  2. Note what the negative belief is. Do we have a fear of success? For example, if we start eating healthy, we can feel we’ll be left out when everyone else is porking out during the football game.
  3. Counter-act the negative with logic and strategies. In the case of the football game, we can prepare a veggie plate to nosh on. And if (or when) people tease us, we can be prepared in advance to just blow that comment off AND with positive statements, like, “I can hang out with the family and friends and still eat healthy foods.”
  4. Reprogram beliefs with positive affirmations, meditation, hypnosis, or Neurolinguistic programming (made popular by Tony Robbins). To make positive affirmations, take the negative statement (“I’ll be rejected and left alone”) and make it more positive (“No matter what others say, I know I am surrounded by love, and I love myself best by eating healthy foods”).

“Now, I’m not in the coaching business anymore, but I do I still care, so I’m a great cheerleader. People can send me their goals, and plans, and tell me about their baggage if they want – and I will cheer for them. I’ll also help them get the coaching they need. I’ll send them a list of what to look for in a coach or coaching program, where they can locate a professional who can help with their baggage, or how they can turn a friend into a ‘New Year’s Resolution Partner.’”

About Barbara Loraine
With a master’s degree in human behavior and 30 years as a corporate and personal development trainer and marketer, Loraine’s work has been to move people to action. With the downturn in the economy, as her marketing clients disappeared, she decided to develop a line of products that could be sold on QVC. As CEO of TLC Clean, she created the business and marketing plans, developed the product line, gathered a world-class team, and is now beginning to implement the plans.

About TLC Clean
Incorporated in February, 2013, TLC Clean provides products that are healthier, save time and money, work like crazy, and are uber-eco-friendly. The company is about to launch Internet sales, and will be doing product demos around San Diego and establishing local retail outlets. They will be selling on Home Shopping Network and with national infomercials, followed by national retail.

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