"Talking Dirty News" - Queen of Green, Barbara Loraine

Irresistibility Quotient©

Be Irresistible Book CoverHow to “Be Irresistible”

by Barbara Loraine

  • How can you become more irresistible?
  • What happens when you develop your “IQ”?
  • How can you use your irresistibility to get things done?
  • What do you miss out on if you don’t use your irresistibility?
  • TLC Clean subscribers and supporters get “hot off the press” tips from the book,

The book will be available soon.

. . . Next is the “Irresistibility Quotient.”

  • You will have opportunities to be involved in the research for building the Irresistibility Quotient.
  • Those who participate will be the first to get the new IQ – the Irresistibility Quotient – when its development is completed.
  • Watch for our Indiegogo Campaign COMING SOON!