"Talking Dirty News" - Queen of Green, Barbara Loraine

TLC Clean Style: Jewelry, Leather & More

Keep Your Cool Stuff Clean & Sexy!

With wear, soil, oxidation and environmental contaminants, your favorite stuff can start looking dingy, way before its time it can look old.

TLC Clean high-technology products clean, condition and protect your stuff to keep your favorite things looking newer longer.  Our products include UV protection when needed and the shield action resists germs and bacteria – you get the protection you need for your leather, stone, and glass-like goods.

About Barbara Loraine

For over thirty years, Barbara Loraine has been in the business of helping people develop new habits and create positive change. With a masters degree in human behavior, Loraine has been a corporate and personal development trainer, consultant and coach and years of experience doing marketing and promotions. She has taught results-oriented classes all over the world. Now, Loraine's emphasis is on making a difference with the environment and the economy. She educates, encourages and reminds people to be more green - and that means both with the enevironment and with their pocket books. Green means to be "sustainable," and to Loraine that means "Doing what is in your own best intereste, in the best interest of the community, and in the best interest of the world." Loraine works tirelessly in her endeavors - whether with "Green by Friday's" promotions and networking, or "Momentis - The New American Green" - Loraine seeks to be a part of the solution, providing encouragement for change . . . for the better. More Posts